THE I AM LOVE TOUR


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Equal parts concert, meditation, and shamanic ceremony.

Guided by soulful vocal harmonies, hypnotic rhythms, and electronic + indigenous instruments.

In live performance, Aya records live loops, layering vocals, instruments, and percussion into an alluring multi-layered soundscape that guides the listener to experience his or her true essential nature and connect with our beautiful planet earth. Fusing sacred mantras with english lyrics, elements of jazz and electronica with soul and R&B, and shamanic rhythms with indigenous instruments, Aya has created a dreamscape of sound in an accessible experience of meditation through the power of music.

Aya and the Soundbath Experience aim to uplift spirits, open hearts, and share the transformational power of sound with the global community for health, happiness and wellbeing.

Get cozy on the floor with blankets and pillows and enjoy the benefits of the hypnogogic state - the place between asleep and awake.

Other benefits include:

- Induce deep relaxation
- Stimulate cellular repair
- Reduce stress level
- Deepen meditation experience
- Assist insomnia
- Induce lucid dreaming
- Increase immunity
- Alleviate or reduce anxiety and depression
- Increase cognitive functioning and thought clarity
- Alter breathing rate and depth
- Alter heart rate and blood pressure
- Induce endorphin release
- Active the body's "rest and digest" function


Experience Oneness in your Soundbath.

Ultimately, we all desire oneness. Oneness is what we seek when we breathe, when we eat, when we practice yoga, when we fall in love, and the result is the continuation of life. Life continues to exist because we breathe, because we love, and because we procreate. We all came from one and the universe is actually an eternal dance of matter expanding and collapsing onto itself (proven by science!) We are learning our lessons embodied here in this collective experience of duality. 
Life in the physical realm is beautiful, challenging, joyous, tragic, and constantly changing. The duality creates novelty. New York is an perhaps the earth's most individualistic city and certainly filled with much novelty. But too much novelty can be overwhelming sometimes and therefore we seek oneness in our practice. 

Music is organized vibration and has the power to create oneness. These vibrations, organized in harmony, rhythm, create sacred geometry - shapes fundamentally reflective of life itself. These vibrations are an invisible oneness we can all hear, understand, and feel resonating in our mind/body/spirit.

When we all tune into the same music, dance the same pulse, sing the same vibration, something magical happens. 

We become one. 


Experience the depths of sonically induced meditation.
eel at one with yourself, the community, and the universE.

"we're only made of stardust we are made of light"