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Aya BiO

Aya Trenier, simply known as Aya, is a renowned Singer of R&B, Soul, Electronica, Deep House & Chill out. Her work has been played all over the globe in major hotels known as chill out music and her work has been featured on Hotel Coste & Deep House Compilations around the globe. Her song “Sweeter Love” was an underground world wide hit and to this day is a classic especially in the South African House Music Scene. She has collaborated with the record industry’s finest Grammy award winning artists, Lenny Kravitz, Sade, Mark Ronson, Maxwell and has an underground following in the Chill Out Deep House genre as the songstress of Blue Six and DJ Miguel Migs. Aya's debut album "Strange Flower" produced by Jay Denes, the mastermind behind "Blue Six," garnered critical acclaim for it's genre defying fusion of Dream Soul, R&B, Electronica, Pop, Chill-Out Lounge, & Deep House.

Born into a Chinese heritage of taoist eastern healing arts, her mother was a renowned tai chi/ qi gong master and London’s most sought after top shiatsu therapist in the 1980s. Gifted with the deep understanding of the healing arts as a child, Aya incorporates this knowledge into her unique style of meditation & music as one of the leading Artists in health and wellness. Aya leads 1000 seat Concerts & Sound baths with her pioneering style of electronic meditation music and leads retreats around the globe. Aya is the founder of Aya Meditation: the Ultimate Chill Out Experience - a unique approach to meditation through the power of music. She coaches privately to CEO’s of companies for stress management. She consults with the industry’s leading brands for beauty, wellness, fashion & the leading trends in holistic health and wellness.

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