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Aya BiO

Lysa Aya Trenier, simply known as Aya, is a Singer/Songwriter of R&B, Soul, Electronica, Deep House & Chill out. She has co written songs with Lenny Kravitz,(Thinking Of You),and been a featured vocalist with Blue Six, Stuart Matthewman,(SADE) Maxwell, Mark Ronson, and Deep House DJ Miguel Migs. Aya's debut album "Strange Flower" produced by Jay Denes, the mastermind behind "Blue Six," garnered critical acclaim for it's genre defying fusion of Dream Soul, R&B, Electronica, Pop, Chill-Out Lounge, & Deep House.

Raised in the taoist eastern healing arts of Tai Chi/Qi Gong by a chinese mother. Aya was passed down a deep understanding of the healing arts in her lineage and incorporated this into her music. Aya leads Sound baths with her meditation music project "Aya and Tyler". Her sound healing music has been featured at Deepak Chopra Homebase, ABC, The Brooklyn Museum, The Rubin Museum and at NYC's top meditation and Yoga Studios. Aya is the founder of Aya Meditation TM, a unique approach to meditation through the power of music and Sing.Yoga TM.

Aya is currently working on a cinematic album of short films with Stuart Matthewman of SADE coming summer 2017. 


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Fridays in NYC | 7:30PM

A Live Electronica Meditation Experience

AYA | Live in Concert

56 E 11th St. NYC